Let food be our medicine and medicine not our food.

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The Greek physician Hippocrates had the following statement; Let food be our medicine and medicine not our food. Everyone knows it. When we have a bit of a headache or muscle pain, we quickly turn to paracetamol. We want to be back to normal as quickly as possible. We quickly ignore the signal from the body here. What does the body want to say when you have a headache? Besides the fact that we like to quickly get to the quick fix, we also find healthy eating quite a challenge. It is also a whole jungle of manufactured sugars and fats at the moment. How do you maintain a healthy weight despite all those treats? How do you resist the supermarket? People have only gotten fatter in recent years. What does the body really need to get sufficient energy from food? We will discuss all these questions in more detail during the training. We also discuss the latest trends such as Intermitted Fasting, low-carb and protein-rich eating.

We explain the importance of stable blood sugar and the connection with Type 2 Diabetes. Finally, we discuss which nutrients affect our body and which affect our energy levels in a positive or negative way. In short, if you want to gain more insight into your diet and get as much energy as possible from it, I definitely recommend this training! You want to nourish your body with the best products, right?

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